History of Craps Game

craps_2 The craps history is a few hundreds years old. The playing bones themselves and the games which involve the dice shooting are said to appear at ancient times when Emperors Nero, Caligula, Augustine played dice. Up-to-date cubelike playing bones were created in Egypt in 600 B.C. Moreover, many  facts in the history of craps dictate that the games of craps were popular among Arabians, Koreans and American Indians.

The craps games were created at the prehistoric times when they were used by shamans, and prophets to find the answers on very important questions of the tribesmen and foresee their future. Back then the bones had fancy shape, size, color, marks. Initially the dice were produced of bones however a bit later as they were taken for the gaming device they were made of more expensive rare materials like ivory, different metals. Now the playing bones are produced of hard cellulose that is clear to escape any cheat.

The history of modern craps is much shorter as the dice game resembling modern one was created from the gambling game known as Hazard that first was played in 1813 in New Orleans due to the travelers. Then the craps became very popular that it is possible to emphasize a new habit among Americans. Since then the dice were named craps. But not only the dice game was very popular among the players but some variants of the Hazard game were provided in all gambling rooms. For example, Table Off game was one of the craps game versions however it was a bit faster. In addition, the table layout was also elementary and the gamblers were able to bet against the casino. Later John H. Winn modified the craps and the gamblers now were allowed to to place Don’t Pass bets. In 1931 as gambling was officially allowed in Nevada and since that time dice games became popular in different cultures. It is clear, the players of all times tried to beat the bank and with this aim craps techniques were introduced and are even now used by most players, but they do not help much as well as cheating at slots. Today you cannot play may variations of craps unlike, for example, slot machine types, and Las Vegas dice considered to be standard.

Through the history of craps the popularity of the dice game was constituted by the fact that it is a social game cause when you are at the dice table you should interact with other players. When you are winner the other gamblers which made the same wager also win so the ability to play games of craps needs the team spirit. For most players this aspect is the most important nevertheless still many people are drawn by the possibility to earn money. For first-time players the craps game can seem slightly difficult as the game rules don’t resemble the rules of any gambling game though if you play once the craps game you will see that it is very simple and absorbing, especially if you choose to visit online casinos.