Most Powerful Craps Strategies

Any reliable craps strategies apply to the best bets that help to manage the player’s bankroll. In fact, you may invent your own craps strategies that doesn’t deal with the gambler’s chances and the size of payoffs, all in all we recommend you to study the following information and try to use each time you ‘d like to enjoy logical craps game at online casinos.


In case your task is to obtain the smallest house edge you are to commence the game with Pass or Don't Pass and then choose to place two Come or Don't Come bets. If you are lucky to win you can continue the game with one more Come bet after the Pass bet. According to the best craps strategies the gamblers who prefer to wager on the common numbers can commence the craps game with the Pass bet and when the point is any number except 6 and 8 it is better to place the following bets on this point number. Thought, if you use these craps strategies, known as Pass/Come strategies, always remember that actually your chances are still not very good and the strategy is the safest for those who like to win in a long run.

Compared with the other gambling games the bankroll in the craps game is higher. For instance, the player bets $5 in case of the Pass line bet and may win $10. But any moment after every shot a 7 coming up number can blow away all the winning possibilities and you lose all the wagered money in a moment. In the game of baccarat you are not in such risk to lose everything you bet. Though, in case a 4, 5, or 6 occurs before 7 the gamblers win more than the initial bet. To sum up the dice game is one of the most promising for large and fast wins.

Some gambling halls offer $1 minimum games with 25 cent proposition bets. Yet in most casino halls the $5 minimum games don’t give tha opportunity to place the smaller bets. At these tables you can lose $100 at once, that’s why to keep off such negative probability one of the best craps strategies dictates to always play at least for $100 at these craps tables.

All in all, as the game of craps is the most quick one and requires the quick and firm decisions that’s why you should look through all the bets and payoffs and only then play craps. We suggest you to learn all the bets types in the craps game and your chances regarding the house. You have a great opportunity to get this information on our website and create your own successful craps strategies. Visit the recommended casinos also to practice flash and download blackjack, video poker, roulette online games.