General Craps Rules

craps_3 Craps games have been unbelievably popular for centuries. At the very beginning when the game was only created it was mostly enjoyed by the young people. Then it was possible to see the schoolchildren shooting the dice against the wall in the backyards. Now craps game is quite popular and it is one of the most fascinating gambling games that have the fans over the planet. Formerly the craps rules were quite simple and didn’t demand any expensive settings, however, now it can be both played with friends at home and in the high class online casinos along with online roulette and online blackjack games. Anyway, the simple craps rules allow people of any level of income to play the craps game.

According to the craps rules craps game is played at a special craps table with the typical markings. To start gaming one player should roll the dice on the table, but as the craps rules say the throw must be done in a particular way. Firstly, it is banned to throw the dice with two hands, the dice should be kept in one hand otherwise the shot is counted to be not legal. In addition, after the roll is performed the dice must bounce off the end of the craps table, again in case this rule is not followed the dice throw can’t be counted as well. Before the premiere roll which is called "Coming out Roll" each gambler makes the bets on the betting space on the table. The betting area consists of three different parts in accordance to their purpose. These zones contain the marks which indicate the Field Bets, Place Bets, Proposition Bets, Come and Don't Come Bets, Pass and Don't Pass Bets. In case the craps player makes the Pass line bet he or she has the possibility to win if number 7 or 11 is rolled. But if a 2, 3, or 12 is rolled the gambler loses. The rest falling out numbers in the first roll are usually a "point". If the "point" comes up the dice must be re-rolled by the time a 7 or 11 comes up and the gambler wins.

The craps player who chooses a Don't Pass Bet can win only if a 2 or 3 appears, nevertheless, if either a 7 or 11 comes out the bet is regarded as losing. In case that was the second roll after the point came up, a Point Roll, so the dice are rolled over and over by the time this point number is thrown. This time the player is winner if a 7 or 11 appears first, but if the same point is rolled first, the gambler loses. If the other numbers occur the dice are thrown over and over till the mentioned numbers fall out.

Come Bet is similar to the Pass Line bet, but in accordance with the craps rules this type of bet may be made only if point appears on the pass line bet. It is indicated after the coming out roll. The 7 and 11 numbers win while the 2, 3, and 12 lose. And again according to the craps rules the come point is to be re-rolled.

Don't Come Bet is the reverse of Come Bet, so when the 2 or 3 comes up the player is winner, but if number 7 or 11 falls out the player loses.